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About me

Tatjana Micić
Mgr. Tatjana Micić, Ph.D

According to my professional education I am philologist and philosopher.  Teaching is an unavoidable part of my professional activities. I offer consultations in astrological psychology and organize seminars of personal growth on different topics. I also offer services and lectures on Feng shui and other eastern arts, which claim to develop harmonic personalities that live in accord with the law of nature and cosmic laws. I also work with the ThetaHealing technique.

I became a Doctor of Philosophy by completing my doctorial studies at the Charles University of Prague and defending my thesis on the topic of mythical paradigm of the avant-garde arts. While teaching and in my theoretical work I got involved with literature, art, spiritual philosophy and the phenomenology of mythical consciousness. To a great extent my practice relies on the experience I gained while living in China where I used to teach at the University of Foreign Languages (Bei Wai). I have also been learning Chinese traditional philosophy and culture, especially Feng shui and the discipline called yang sheng. Thanks to being inspired by China in the last twenty years, I have been interested and active in the field of comparative mythology, astrology, religion and different areas where eastern and western cultures and philosophies meet.

I founded Studio Well-balanced. A studio creating spiritual, emotional, physical and environmental harmony, where I was able to unite various activities and services that I was involved in. At that time I was regularly organizing seminars and workshops in the Czech Republic, most often in Maitrea, the House of Personal Development.

As time went by, seminar participants and my clients became interested in my theoretical work as well as teaching, so I decided to start communicating with them in a new manner. That is how the site Symbolic Thinking and the School of Symbolic Thinking were born and with them a whole new working modality. I still offer services and consultations but I also offer seminars and courses online in Czech and Serbian. A blog in these languages is available. I also offer online lectures on astrological, philosophical, mythological and psychological themes.

Everyone has his own way that lead him to astrology. Mine was through philosophy and mythology. Through the works of Plato, neoplatonists, Pavel Florensky, Aleksei Losev, Ernst Cassirer, Carl Gustav Jung, Mircea Eliade and philosophers of China and India, I have found my way to astrology and to the books of Dane Rudhyar, Liz Green and many others. They have all inspired me a great deal. What I was studying and discovering for years I now try to convey to others. The School of Symbolic Thinking, apart from lessons about astrology and astro-psychology, also offers lectures on other subjects that are often dealt with only in professional literature. 

I believe that one basic and all-encompassing science exists and that it has its roots in astrology, or to say astronomy, as it was named in the Ancient time. If we learn its language we will manage to live better in accord with the laws of the universe.

We live in a time when many secrets are being revealed to the wider public and this changes existing knowledge, the image of man, his history and existence. Every day new people appear on the internet bringing new awareness to us. It seems hard to follow the development and the flow of knowledge. It may also appear that we almost have no time to write books. That is why many of us choose to communicate through videos.

People often contact me with different purposes but with the same idea of asking for hope. It is sometimes necessary to give hope but that can often be misleading. I am happier when they address me to give them knowledge. Knowledge frees us.