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Genius of celestial mechanics, written by: Srbin

Recommended reading: Johannes Kepler – Genius of celestial mechanics, written by: Srbin.

As I live in Prague I often came into contact with the works and places of living of two well-known astrologers and astronomers form the past: Johannes Kepler and Tycho de Brahe. I found this article whose author is offering rectification of Kepler’s horoscope and decided to share it with you.


Johannes Kepler –
Genius of celestial mechanics

Written by: Srbin


keplerWhat prompted me to cast the correct horoscope of Johannes Kepler is the fact that he saved astrology from modern scientists. Namely, when Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) discovered heliocentric system of planetary motion which replaced the old geocentric system, many scientists rejoiced at the prospect of astrology - the old teacher of astronomy- »being dead«. Both astronomy and astrology, however, were lucky enough that the genius of celestial mechanics, Johannes Kepler, was born.

His three laws advanced Copernicus' discovery. Kepler discovered that planets do not revolve around the Sun in circles, as assumed by Copernicus, but instead the orbits of the planets are ellipses with the Sun at one focus of the ellipse. Kepler came to this discovery owing to the notes of Tycho Brahe, whom he called the "Fenix astronomer". The notes were on the motion of Mars. The major Kepler's contribution to astrology, in addition to many horoscopes he cast (some 800 – also for emperor Ferdinand II and chief commander of the imperial army Wallenstein), is in his finding that heliocentric motion of planets does not exclude their geocentric effect.

Quite the opposite, he concluded: »All the natural qualities of the five planets (at the time, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were unknown) as well as of some of the more prominent fixed stars can be grasped by the human understanding, although not perfectly, and can be integrated into a kind of science or body of knowledge, which can be used for prognostication of future events as well and as completely as can be done in medicine with the various and sundry herbs.«

And he also brilliantly shielded astrology in his thesis No.40 for 1602: Now this faculty which gives power to the aspects (between planets and stars) does not reside in the stars themselves. For these aspects of which we speak occur on the Earth and are a mere apparition which does not really proceed from the activity of the stars, but from an accidental position of two stars with respect to the Earth. Inasmuch then, as the vital force moving the bodies is not in the object, but is where a species of the object is represented (inherent to a whole species or idea, of objects), so this power which gives rise to lunar bodies is in the huge terrestrial globe itself. This silenced many scientists of that time and undoubtedly scientists of today, who argue that discovery of heliocentric system invalidates astrology.

Kepler was lucky to study theology, which is shown in many of his works. Thus, his conclusion: »A human being's nature, at the beginning of life, receives not only an instantaneous image of the sky (positions of planets and stars), but also its motion, as it appears down here on earth, for several successive days; and derives from this motion the way in which it will discharge this or that humour (inclination); and the time at which this nature will, very accurately, time these developments, as determined by the directions based on the first few days of life” - derived from the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 4.6 " …each day for a year, have I appointed it to you " says Lord to Ezekiel. From this sentence prophesying was drawn based on primary and secondary directions of planets.

The worldwide fame of Johannes Kepler is best illustrated by the fact that over fifty biographers and many scientists and astrologers all over the world chose him as the subject of their work. However, his accurate birth chart has not been made to date, including the one cast by Johannes Kepler himself. It is needless to speak about his relevance for science, for any educated person in the world will be well aware of his contribution. This is why it is high time Johan Kepler got a correct birth certificate (my name for a birth chart).

Firstly, we need to start from the place of birth. There are two different details about his place of birth. One is that he was born in Weil der Stadt (008E52; 48N45), and the other that it was Weil am Rhien (007E38; 47N37) in Germany.

Since Kepler himself takes Weil der Stadt as his place of birth, it will be assumed that this detail is correct, for his mother was still alive when he pursued astrology and astronomy. In addition, Kepler also personally stated 27 December 1571 as his birth date, which is also correct. However, some biographers such as Bruce Scholfield, Lois Rodden and others give 6 January 1572 as his time of birth, and this mistake has been multiplied by many astrologers even in our country. Thus, even the famous website: www.astrodatabank.com provides the date of birth observing the new (Gregorian) style and old (Julian) style, which confuses some astrologers. In addition, software program JANUS provides the birth chart for the same incorrect date, however for a different and also incorrect time of birth. Being misled by these authorities, some professional astrologers in our country have made the same mistakes.

This mistake occurred when, to 27 December 1571 (according to the Julian Calendar), 10 days were added (16 century) to obtain the equivalent date according to the Gregorian Calendar -6 January 1572. However, in this case it was a grave error. The mistake was in the fact that this could be applied only to persons born after, which was not the case with Johannes Kepler who was born before this date. Despite the fact that Kepler was born in 16 century, converting rule for dates before cannot be applied because all astrological software programs in the world were developed according to the Julian Calendar for all dates up to the mentioned one and, starting from 5 October 1582, they were made by the Gregorian Calendar.

This means that no software in the world is developed to calculate ephemeredes according to the Gregorian Calendar before 5 October 1582. This is why the Julian dates up to 5 October 1582 must not be converted in Gregorian dates. Errors made in use of one or the other calendar are very common, not only with astrologers but also reporters, writers, historians and even some clergymen.
Therefore, all horoscopes cast for Johannes Kepler using the date 6 January 1572, irrespective of the time, must be disregarded as completely wrong.

To read more, please go to: http://www.astrologyinserbia.com/e/




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