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In April there are a lot of planets and events in the sign of Aries and Taurus talk about two topics - about decisive new moves and about economic changes of civilizational proportions.

In March and April, everything intensifies, and the system goes more and more towards its collapse, but let's hope that, as before, this whole process of changes at the world level will somehow be controlled as before.

In January there are many trines between the planets in Capricorn and Taurus, let’s see what they can bring.

November 2023 is challenging due to the transit of Mars, but there is also hope and happiness in everything that will happen.

September is interesting because of the trines in the Earth signs. Trines will have the most influence on Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn people.

In July we have a change of the position of the Lunar nodes. With many retrograde planets, it is also time for the review and sort of the return to old experiences, at least for a few months.

June 2023

At first glance, June is calmer than the previous month, but continues the dynamic that began in April and May.

May 2023

May 2023 is very interesting, especially because of the transit of Jupiter, it brings a new view of the world situation. And in the lives of individuals, it hints at changes and expansion in at least one area of life.