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May 2023

Dear friends,

May 2023 is very interesting, especially because of the transit of Jupiter, it brings a new view of the world situation. And in the lives of individuals, it hints at changes and expansion in at least one area of life.

Lunar activity: Full Moon 5th in Scorpio, which is also a lunar eclipse; New Moon on May 19th in Taurus;

Important transits: Sun until the 21st in Taurus; Mercury in Taurus from the 15th direct; Venus until the 7th in Gemini then in Cancer; Mars until the 20th in Cancer then in Leo; Jupiter until the 16th in Aries, then in Taurus; all major planets direct as in April, except Pluto;

Jupiter is in Taurus from the 17th of May 2023 until the 25th of May 2024. As we know in Taurus is also Rahu, the Node of the Moon as well as Uranus, now they are joined by Jupiter which further emphasizes the sign of Taurus and all that it represents. In May, as we said, the Sun is also in Taurus. The Earth sign Taurus symbolizes personal possessions, personal earnings, personal values, real estate, the resources of the planet, biological life on earth, thus the earth itself, water and air, i.e. nature. It is a female sign, passive and receptive, prone to aesthetics, receptive to sensual pleasures; further signifies the power of magnetism.

Since 2018, we have been talking about Uranus in Taurus - check out the YouTube videos on that topic, there are several of them. Uranus destroys more than it supports all that Taurus represents. Jupiter is the planet of happiness and success, it brings a wider perspective, awakens intuition, brings faith and gives meaning to everything. However, although it is beneficial in every sign, Jupiter still does not feel the best in Taurus. Of course, here it can remove the fear of hunger, poverty, material problems, help people to use their knowledge and resources wisely, but even that depends on other transits.

Jupiter is in Taurus in the sign ruled by Venus, and these two planets represent two opposite principles: Venus of desires and sensual pleasures, Jupiter of visions and true spiritual and philosophical knowledge. It is clear that people often have a problem harmonizing these two principles.

It is not bad for everyone to take care of themselves with this transit, this applies to individuals as well as nations and states. However, it is possible that this transit on the mundane level will lead to a great deal of theft, and the rich will steal even more regardless of the needs of other people.

As for ordinary people, with this transit they should know that they are not abandoned or poor, everyone has something that allows them to sustain themselves in the material world: abilities, talents, experiences, time and energy. People can use all that even in the time of the great economic crisis, which will be even more intense during 2023 and 2024.

The last time Uranus and Jupiter were together in the sign of Taurus was from May 1940 to May 1941. Those were the years of a terrible war and great destruction. The war was closely connected with the great economic crisis that preceded it and with the greed of Western structures for the treasures of Russia. And now something similar is happening, although I emphasize that I don't think that that great war will repeat.

While Jupiter is in Taurus its ruler is Venus. This year, Venus will have a long transit through the sign of Leo, from the beginning of June to October 9th, but it will also be retrograde in this sign. In the retrograde period from July 23rd to September 4th, there will likely be a decline in the value of money and the possessions of all those who consider themselves elite. It is possible that many individuals will feel the same trend, it all depends on the personal horoscope. It is also possible to overthrow the “ruler” and return to old values. As you can see in France they are working on the violent overthrow of the ruler and the government and it is possible that this will spread to other EU countries. I have nothing against overthrowing of them and people's protests, but it is certain that these processes are artificially created...

Jupiter in Taurus ideologically brings conservative ideas. A return to the old values is inevitable, conservatism in the economy is key to salvation, and thus it should become clear, by the spring of 2024, whether there will be digital money, or a gold standard, whether there will be both or something completely different. It seems that a digital currency will be introduced in the East, for payments between countries, which will replace the dollar / petrol dollar, but it is by no means good to introduce digital money for the daily transactions of individuals. But there will be different solutions in different parts of the world.

The May 5th Lunar Eclipse takes place at 14° Scorpio. Every eclipse in Scorpio is very intense, negative feelings run extensive, as does the need for power. According to some interpretations, this degree is the degree of “intrigue” and yes, there will definitely be some, as well as fraud of all kinds, because someone loses power and cannot come to terms with it. This is true both globally and for individuals. The eclipse especially affects people who have planets around 14th degree of Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius.

This eclipse is relatively young, occurring since 1608. In recent history it happened: 1915, 1933, 1951, 1969, 1987 and 2005. What started in 2005 is now ending and entering a new phase of its spiral development - think for yourself what was happening in your life then, that could have a connection with the Scorpio archetype.  

On the 19th of May is the New Moon in Taurus. A new six-month cycle and also a new twelve-year cycle begins for all Taurus. They need some flexibility and originality because of Uranus in their sign. Since Jupiter increases everything, Taurus of the first and second decans can expect expansion in a certain direction in 2023 - in which, it depends on them. In any case, all people with planets in Taurus can prepare for a new life period and, the newer visions and new ideas they have, the better!

Direct Mercury from the middle of the month announces that daily activities are slowly normalizing, trips can be planned, deals can be arranged, and shopping can be done, and that's best from the very end of May and during June.

Feel free to schedule personal consultations just take into account please deal with personal development, astrological psychology and spiritual astrology, not to tell people what will happen to them because I believe that everyone can be realized in many ways, which means only from the level of consciousness and self-awareness.

You will also see in the section services a new offer based on the method that I named The Change of the CODE – the change of the perception. It is a method that I have developed while working with clients in recent years with the help of techniques that I learned and applied before. On the site, I briefly explained how I see unconscious programs change.

I recommend everyone who watches videos or has an interest in astrology to learn the basics of astrology, without that it is very difficult to understand what we are talking about. On my site there is also a short course for beginners in the section: ONLINE astrology school - which allows you to learn online - on your mobile or computer.

I wish you happiness and prosperity.




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