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June 2023

Dear friends,

At first glance, June is calmer than the previous month, but continues the dynamic that began in April and May.


Lunar activity: 4th Full Moon in Sagittarius; 18th New Moon in Gemini;

Important transits: Sun in Gemini until 21, then in Cancer / Crab; Mercury until the 11th in Taurus, until the 27th in Gemini, then in Crab; Venus until the 5th in Crab then in Leo; Mars in Leo; Jupiter in Taurus; Saturn in Pisces from the 18th retrograde; Uranus in Taurus; Neptune in Pisces; Pluto retrograde from the 12th again in Capricorn. The 21st Summer Solstice.

The Full Moon is on June the 4th in Sagittarius, it will be much simpler than the Full Moon in May when we experienced very difficult moments, especially in the emotional sense. Before the Full Moon itself, on June 1st to be exact, Jupiter is in conjunction with Rahu, the North Node, in the sign of Taurus, which brings important knowledge about the events and changes that have taken place in the sign of Taurus for the last two years. I suspect that it will be clearer to many people why the slogan "rely only on yourself" is the pinnacle of wisdom in this period of our existence. On the Full Moon itself, Mercury will be in conjunction with Uranus in Taurus. It is particularly interesting that this conjunction has no aspects. Their ruler Venus will then be in Cancer, so in a neutral position but in opposition to Pluto, so an "unexpected and sudden" collapse of banks is possible, or in general, it is possible that problems in the economy will become even more serious. The conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu, the North Node, can indicate major reversals and escalation of problems especially in the field of economics, and we know that this is often camouflaged by wars and false conflicts.

At the time of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, both the Moon and the Sun will square Saturn. It prevents us from feeling the enthusiasm that is typical for Sagittarius. Saturn sets up obstacles, and there is nowhere to run until the debts are paid off, and that in the karmic sense. Sagittarius itself builds bridges and roads, but in this constellation, there is an obstacle in the way. It seems that the so-called "elite" that rules the world and appears through the sign of Sagittarius, has nowhere to run. Something similar is confirmed by Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, which is in squares on the Full Moon. One of those squares is with Pluto, which is retrograde and returns to the sign of Capricorn from June 12. In our time, Sagittarius, like Uranus, is the signifier of cosmic wars, and it is certain that battles are fought on satellites as well.

I didn't mention last month that Pluto in stationary retrograde, but we felt its effect through the Scorpio eclipse that happened on May 5th. Around that eclipse there were many unpleasant events, none of them accidental. However, it is worth emphasizing that eclipses like this do not necessarily mean tragedies, they can also mean a transformation on a psychological-emotional level that is not caused by a tragedy, but is a consequence of conscious development - it depends on our level of consciousness.

Now especially children are attacked, they are now the main target. Mind-control continues. We should not be surprised as we live in a terrible war, in the time of neo-fascism, in which eugenics is again relevant, and now we are just seeing the continuation of the program from 2020. There is an ongoing attack on children, sexualization of children, mind control of children by using new technologies, etc.

Saturn will been retrograde in Pisces since June 18, and the question arises whether a new plandemic will be triggered again. We know that Pisces represents healing but partly also artificial intelligence and that Saturn is trying to rule with the help of laws passed in connection with future plandemics and with the help of invisible and omnipresent artificial intelligence. I remind you that a retrograde planet has a stronger effect than when it is direct. Therefore, Saturn is very strong in June but also later until the beginning of November. But we will see, I already said in the Saturn in Pisces video and in the annual video for 2023 that I think these new attempts will not succeed because the current Western system is collapsing.

Saturn itself has good aspects at the end of the month which is a good sign, these constellations mean that there are positive sides of the crash of the system.

The New Moon is in Gemini on June 18. On that day, the Sun, Moon and Mercury are in Gemini, one would say that a good time for trade and other mercurial affairs begins, however, the Sun and the Moon are in a square with Neptune. Mercury itself is in a square with Saturn; further Mars and Venus are in conjunction with Lilith, and this all means that there is no agreement and the trade is tricky. Many are already expecting an agreement regarding the war in Ukraine, but these constellations are very complex and do not talk about an agreement during this month. October will be very important for diplomacy and the eventual establishment of peace.

The energy of Mercury leads us to the myth of Odysseus. We know him for his mercurial affairs, sea voyages and numerous adventures, but little is known that, as mythological stories say, he was the main Greek strategist in the Trojan War. It was Odysseus who thought of making a Trojan horse and conquering the invincible Troy. There was even a prophecy that Troy could never be conquered, but you see, it still happened. I'm not talking here in a historical sense but in a purely symbolic-mythological sense, it doesn't matter if there was a historical Troy or not, but it's important to follow the meaning of the archetype. Odysseus always had a cool head when needed, that's why his strategy almost always won. Of course, guys like Odysseus lack feelings, but in certain situations they don't even need them. Even now in June and the next 6 months (because the energy of the New Moon develops for 6 months) until the Full Moon in Gemini in November of this year, leaders and people who have great intellectual dynamism and a refined strategy will be needed. Those who are ready to overcome obstacles without panic and unnecessary feelings or whining are needed. And we all need to develop Odysseus in ourselves in some way and to strategically and wisely determine our place in the current situation.

Venus and Mars in Leo. These two planets do not form a conjunction but travel together from June 6th to July 10th. Venus itself remains in the sign of Leo from June 5th to October 9th. It will be retrograde from July 23th (28°) to September 4th, and it will come out of its R shadow only on October 7th. So, the R period as a whole will be from July 23th to October 7th. Only after that is a good period for weddings, partnership agreements, starting new relationships, eventual diplomatic negotiations, etc. When Venus is R, old loves return, relationships and diplomatic agreements and contracts are re-examined, court processes are revised.

Mars is in Leo throughout June and at the beginning of July. If wars are fought with this position of Mars, wars are fought with pride and in a knightly manner, as it was in the past. However, it is interesting that Leo is the sign of children and that Mars can have a destructive influence in this sign on the life of children, and children are a big topic, as we have already said. Children should be especially protected from insane laws that enable child abuse. During the time of R Venus, many scandals concerning child abuse can surface.

Of course, Mars and Venus in Leo most energize the Leos themselves and in general people who have planets in this sign. Of course, passions will flare up, and they can be diverse. All people with planets in Leo will gain charisma and courage, they will somehow wake up and have the need to create. This combination strengthens creativity and the desire for self-realization.

June 21st is Summer Solstice, and 28 in old Slavic religion was the day of the God of Vision, he was the one who sees everything. These are the days when everything is visible, when there are no secrets; these are the days of greatest joy and love, because the Sun is a symbol of Divine love. All the ancient nations glorified God in these days, just today's materialists have forgotten it.

More about June in the monthly video on YouTube: June 2023 - Odysseus' tactics, Venus in Leo, Summer Solstice

I wish you happiness and good tactics.



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