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One of the basic principles of Chinese philosophy, for those who want to preserve youth and be healthy, is to live in harmony with nature and its changes. When I created the studio Well-balance I started to use, for different purposes, the ancient Chinese discipline yang sheng (literally: nurturing life). This ancient regimen for longevity includes a proper diet, correct breathing, regular exercise and herbal remedies. Daily exercising and affirmations will help if one wishes to open up the sense for spiritual life, improve health, strengthen intuition and open the gate of “eternal youth”.

My practice has shown that exercises, affirmations and meditations can be of a great help for people who are going through the period of big changes and transformations in life. Within the frame of consultations and seminars I often demonstrate breathing exercises in line with the needs of people I work with or in accord with the theme of the seminar. For example, within the seminar Stories of partnership I teach people breathing exercises for the four basic human types which help them complement the missing element (Water, Air, Earth or Fire).

If you wish to learn to do these exercises, affirmations and meditations you do need to attend my consultations and seminars. You can use these services independently and learn how to improve your health, widen your consciousness and achieve your goals with the help of your body and breath.


Five Tibetans

Five Tibetans is a system of exercises called the fountain of youth or the essence of yoga. These exercises, famous all around the world, are a unique kind of ritual that guards the secret of the Elixir of Life and holds the key to the door of longevity. There is an explanation for this: these exercises activate and stimulate the seven key chakras that in turn stimulate all the glands of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for the body's overall functioning and aging process. Five Rites will affect the functioning of all your organs and systems, including the physical and energetic.
Doing exercises in harmony with the Moon cycle develops the feeling for phases and feeling for natural rhythms. You can do the Five Tibetans exercise individually or together with other exercises which help both physical and spiritual relaxation. It is up to you to choose a combination which suits you best. Very soon you will master all the exercises with our help and then you can regularly do them on your own.

5 tibetans

Sun Salutation / Surya Namaskar

Comes from a system of Hatha yoga, and it is a series of twelve physical postures that help in attracting and absorbing the healing energy of Sun.

pozdrav suncu

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Breathing exercises can be very useful if you are nervous, feel weak or depressed, have problems with relaxing, find it hard to concentrate, etc. Even though they are very simple, these exercises will increase energy and decrease the tension in your body and soul. We also teach other affirmative exercises and practices that relieve from negativity, search for the intelligence of the heart and develop personal creativity.



Man is able to create things that he desires. At the beginning there is always an idea that later becomes reality. If we decide to remove negatively programmed thoughts we can realize that our body is the condensed form of pure living energy that can help us in achieving goals and feelings of satisfaction.

We can teach you everything that you need to know about affirmations.


There are different types of meditations: some deepen concentration with the idea of changing the state of consciousness; some help in organizing thoughts; some help in establishing contact with your inner voice; some are kinds of prayers etc.

We only teach very simple meditations whose type varies and depends on the need of the client.

We will teach you:

  • how to relax and pay attention to breathing
  • how to breath correctly
  • how to face or resist thoughts or emotions etc.
  • how to meditate for a proper amount of time
  • which methods to use to meditate better etc.

Conscious Breathing

We recommend these videos as they can be helpful in everyday breathing exercises. You may decide to put them in your favorites and practice them in work as well as at home. These breathing exercises are especially effective if you do them in nature, near the water or at least beside an open window.

Recommended meditative music and sounds of nature:


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