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Gift certificate

We have prepared gift certificates for all our services, courses, seminars and consultations.

Enter the amount you wish to gift and the recipient´s email. If you want to, you can write a short message, such as: astro-psychological consultancy.

Gift Certificate - Symbolic Thinking

The certificate can be used when selecting the payment method. There will be an empty slot titled GIFT VOUCHER. This is where you enter the CODE on your gift certificate and press the button GIFT VOUCHER. The system will automatically know the value of the certificate and will subtract that value from the price of the product/s.

Gift Certificate:

* Certificate value:


1. Enter desired value
(value of service(s) that you wish to gift)

2. Enter gift receiver's email

3. Confirm gift recever's email

4. Add a short note for receiver (not mandatory)


Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Changing the CODE – Changing the perception
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