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Ciklusi i ciklizam (Cycles and cyclicism)

Authors: Todor Vulić, Tatjana Micić, Siniša Vujić

ISBN: 978-80-908400-1-0
Publisher: Micić Tatjana
Edition: Scrolls of Symbolic Thinking. 2nd Scroll
Cover: paperback
Pages: 123
Year of publication: 2022
Dimensions: 16,5 x 24,5
Weight: 200 g
Language: Serbian (summaries in English and Czech)
Categories: cyclicism, historical cycles, cycles in epic poetry, Serbian history, mythological thinking, astrology, complex systems

Price: 15 EUR + shipping fee



All four articles deal with the issue of cycles and ideas of cyclicism in different areas of human knowledge. For example, the idea of ​​cyclicism was applied in the analysis and prediction of historical events, in the analysis of the cycle and symbolism of Serbian folk epic songs, as well as in the description of the astrological understanding of time within the so-called complex systems.

The author of two articles shows that the archaic idea of ​​historical cyclicism is in fact the much sought-after law of historical development, and since it is a law, it also enables insight into future events. The author also expresses his regret that the idea of ​​cyclicism is in direct opposition to the modern idea of ​​linear history. In his article the second author writes that names, numbers, and rhythms in epic poetry are a part of the semantic code and that their de-coding enables the understanding of historical cycles that alternate rhythmically. The third author talks about understanding time in complex systems through astrology. Some philosophical, spiritual, and astrological schools understand time linearly, others cyclically. It is certain, however, that the cyclical-spiral understanding of time is more universal and is immanent to the human being, so we can expect that in the future a new (and archaic at the same time) understanding of time will become the primary one and that our organization of life will be in accordance with that paradigm.

I dedicated the second Scroll in the edition of the Scrolls of Symbolic Thinking to all my clients with whom I studied together all these years. Articles were not written in all three languages that I actively use, however, all articles have a summary both in Czech and English, which will somewhat compensate for the lack of translation.

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