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Changing the CODE – Changing the perception

Changing the CODE – Changing the perception

Personal consultation

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Duration: 90min

I developed the method called Changing the CODE – Changing the Perception by working with clients and applying the techniques and knowledge I have acquired over the years. The thetahealing technique helped me the most, followed by Jungian psychology as well as Chinese and other Eastern meditative techniques. Many people talk about "change" they experienced after going through various spiritual and self-knowledge techniques and therapies. However, I have come to realize that "change" can only be understood conditionally. Chinese spiritual techniques teach us that one lifetime is not enough to change one´s yang (the essence of being) and therefore only yin (the form of being and appearance) changes. What we can really change is our perception of life, the past, and thus the future. This change in perception is actually a change of codes, internal patterns, beliefs, and programs that allow us to avoid monotonous cyclical repetitions and develop a cyclical-spiral model of living.

It is certain that we can also talk about the "transformation" of consciousness, which means that it is possible to experience such a "change" that it is able to penetrate the deepest layers of being and causes something akin to a rebirth. Such situations are mostly experienced by people who have had significant transits of Pluto occur during their lives (as explained by astrological symbolism).

The question arises as to what our soul desires. Jung answered that the soul wants to be whole and introduces the concept of the wholeness of the soul. If we identify with certain aspects of our soul (or to say our personality) and neglect its other aspects, the unconscious will make it clear to us that this is wrong and boycott us. That is why it is much more meaningful to talk about self-knowledge rather than personal development. It´s about discovering what already exists, not about developing new. Everything that we are, we should also become. To prevent outdated and wrong beliefs stopping us from doing so, there are techniques such as Changing the CODE - Changing the perception. Let's remember that Jung also says that disease heals. Many diseases (if not all of them) appear to heal us, and thus “healed”, can mean to became whole.

You might wonder how the code switch happens. The answer is: through our feelings. They are like ultrasound, transmitting images and patterns. You might also wonder if there are any limits to the process of changing codes and internal patterns. And unfortunately, I have to say that they do exist. One of the limiting factors is time. As they say, everything happens on its own time, some processes can be sped up, others not. Furthermore, it is always important to remember that we are all living human beings and that we are always subject to challenges, illnesses, and temptations. That is why we should never be ashamed of the processes we go through, but always accept them again and again, if possible, with joy and gratitude.

I will be happy to share my knowledge and experience with you, but I warn you in advance that I cannot take responsibility for your state of health. As always, each of us is responsible for themselves.