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Symbolic Thinking

Symbolic thinking is dedicated to those who perceive reality through symbols or wish to develop the ability to think through symbols. It will also be useful to those who are willing to learn about different forms of mythical consciousness as Aleksei Losev understood it. It has many things to offer to those who are gaining self-knowledge and aspire to expand their consciousness with the help of astrology, spiritual astrology or astro-psychology (as Carl Gustav Jung and his follower Liz Green understood it) or through the ThetaHealing technique founded by Vianna Stibal. It also has many things to offer to those who are interested in Feng shui and other forms of eastern art. Symbolic thinking offers information and services to people attracted to complex systems of thinking (Paul Cilliers´ definition) and to those interested in comparative astrology, mythology and philosophy.

On the webpage Symbolic Thinking a list of offered services, seminars, courses and lectures about astrology, spiritual philosophy, psychology, mythology, Feng shui and information about Thetahealing and exercises can be found. The site is connected with the Studio Well-balanced site http://www.well-balanced.cz/ where more information is available in Czech and English.  

Symbolic Thinking has broader version in Czech and Serbian and a smaller one in English. Online seminars and courses, blogs and newsletters are available only in Czech and Serbian.

Services and consultancy – in this section all types of services can be found: consultancy on the basis of astrology and astro-psychology, Feng shui consultancy and ThetaHealing services. We offer personal consultancy, online consultancy (via viber, skype etc) and astrological readings in mp3 format.

Exercises, meditations and affirmations – I often teach my clients simple exercises from Qi gong or yoga. I regularly repeat that we have to work with our body and breath if we wish to improve our overall condition. In this section you will find my recommended breathing exercises, videos, music for relaxation etc.

Additional information in English, especially about astrology and Feng shui, can be found on the Studio Well-balanced website. There you can learn what astro-psychology is and how can it be useful, what Indian reading techniques I use, what Feng shui is, what are its benefits to us and many other things.

Clients commentaries:

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